Special Thanks

Thank you to all members of the United States Military for fighting for the freedoms that we enjoy. Your
dedication to our country is unparallelled, without you, the United States would be just another spot on
a map.

It was once said, "A country is best judged by the amount of people that want in".  Proof of your
dedication and hard work!
Deer Management Cooperatives, Are They Affective?

It is no secret that there is a ground swell of Michigan hunters that
feel changes to current deer management is necessary. One of the
most successful means of which positive change is created is
through the formation of Quality Deer Management Cooperatives.
Participating in a QDM co-op for the past two and a half years has
been a real eye opener for me of what deer management can be in
Hunter Education, Key to Successful Deer

Without question, hunter education is an absolute key part of the
deer management cycle. The Michigan Department of Natural
Resources and Environment in conjunction with the Natural
Resource Commission can continually alter and adjust regulations
but only when Sportsmen decide to become conservationists will
we have well managed deer herds in Michigan. Herds that have
healthy sex ratios, improved age structures and that are sized
correctly for the habitat in which they live.
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